VKV Koç High School

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The main duty of the schools can simply be described as forming the future of the continuously changing societies in a trustable manner by protecting their bonds with the past. What is challenging and yet maybe the most pleasurable side of school missions is providing the balance between change and the bond that needs to be protected. I feel great honor, excitement and pleasure to work in The Koc School that designates this balance as its fundamental educational principle.

            The Koc School is one of the leading schools among Turkey that almost every student would like to be graduated from and when we look at it from this perspective, it is not an ordinary coincidence for any institution to come to this stage in just twenty years. It is a fundamental law of physics to have a serious power in the back ground in order to realize such a great momentum. For The Koc School, this power comes from different points.

            Initially, the support of the Koc family and Vehbi Koc Foundation had put us into a more advantageous spot from the start when compared to other institutions. Our responsibilities as a school increase with both the memory of esteemed Mr. Vehbi Koc who described one of his main principles as “the continuation of my own existence depends only on the continuation of my country” ,and the support of the Koc Family and as well as with our claim to raise the leaders of the future. So clearly, rather that competing with other similar respected educational institutions, The Koc School has to compete with itself, its own past performance and carry its students, parents and employees forward.

             Another point of strength that we lean on in this competition with ourselves is our institutional memory. Although, twenty years is a short period of time, we have certain habits and traditions that are settling more and more each year, and despite all the changes, most of them are standing still. Our expectancy of academic excellence, our awareness of social responsibility and our aim to build a meaningful, constructive and productive community within itself are our values that will never change despite the external factors. We can only achieve and protect our persistency if we protect these values. Another necessity that this thought points out is to review the habits and traditions that do not contribute to our development.

Best wishes,


Director of the Koc High School

Selen AYDINOĞLU - High School Director